Subsidy on Solar Panel Update: The conditions for installing solar panels on the roof

Subsidy on Solar Panel Update: Solar Panel Scheme is a great scheme launched by the government, Solar Rooftop Yojana has been started by the central government to promote solar energy. The only purpose of this scheme is to provide assistance to the citizens of the country. To install solar panels, the government is giving subsidy, due to which the cost of the panels will be very less on the common man or if it is said to be almost negligible. Because if seen, the cost of solar panels will be reimbursed in 5 or 6 years and after that you can get electricity for free for about 25 years. If the production of electricity is more then you can also sell it to the power company and earn in lakhs.

Subsidy on Solar Panel Update

Up to 40 percent subsidy is given by the central government under the Solar Rooftop Plan, which also depends on how many kilowatt solar panels you install. For example, you install a 1 KW solar panel (1 KW Solar Panel installation), which will cost around 60 to 65 thousand and the government will help you by giving you a subsidy.

Solar Rooftop Scheme is being run by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to bring solar energy in the country. Anyone can install Solar Panel on Roof on the roof of their home from any of the participating Solar Panel vendors of Discom. After that you can apply for Subsidy in Solar Subsidy Scheme. Under this Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana, if you install Solar Panel from any Discom affiliated vendor, they will also be responsible for Rooftop Solar Maintenance for 5 Years.

How much subsidy for installing solar panels

Before buying a solar system, any consumer must see how much subsidy is available for installing a solar system. Solar panel subsidy of 20% to 40% is given by the Government of India on Solar Panel. Solar Panel Subsidy of 40 percent from 1 KW to 3 KW and 20 percent subsidy on solar system from 4 KW to 10 KW has been given by the government on Solar Panel.

Subsidy on Solar Panel Update

Subsidy is given on Solar Panel Installation in homes. To install solar panels under Solar Panel Subsidy in India, it has to be installed by a company certified by the Discom (Electricity Department) of your area. For this you have to know the website of State Renewable Energy of your area. Such as UPDNEDA of Uttar Pradesh, PEDA of Punjab, HAREDA of Haryana, KSEB of Kerala, BAREDA of Bihar, JHAREDA of Jharkhand etc.

Conditions for installing solar plates on the roof became easier?

For installing Solar Plate or Solar Panel on the roofs of houses, now the obligation to install Solar Rooftop Panel from the prescribed agency has been abolished. Now if the consumer wants, by buying solar from anywhere, he can get a panel installed on the roof of his house. In this excellent Free Solar Panel Yojana of the government, consumers will get up to 40 percent Solar Panel Subsidy, which was tweeted by Union Energy Minister RK Singh.

In fact, the Central Government was receiving complaints from many states that Solar Panel Listed Agencies are shying away from providing Solar Plate installation. And after the installation of the solar panel, if there is a defect in the plate, then the people of the solar panel maintenance agency are doing it arbitrarily.

In view of all this, the Central Government has changed its rules (Solar Panel Installation Rules). The Ministry of Power has done away with the obligation to install rooftop solar panels only through vendors included in the solar panel list, thereby facilitating the rooftop solar program.

The Ministry has urged the general public to get authentic information in this regard from the official website of the Ministry, or

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