Big update on Old Pension Yojana, MLA’s big statement, benefits will be available soon

Old Pension Yojana: NPS (National Pension System) was established by the Government of India in January 2004, because at that time the old pension scheme was discontinued and the National Pension System was started in its place, after that Gradually this scheme was adopted by all the states, but still pressure is being created by many employees to re-implement the old pension scheme and even today many employees are unable to provide pension. Following this scheme, but the state government may have to face many challenges on restarting the old pension scheme.

Before the assembly elections in Himanchal Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh), the demand to implement the old pension scheme (Old Pension Yojana) has gained momentum. NPS employees are continuously sitting on a fast across the state for the implementation of the old pension scheme. The NPS (New Pension Scheme) Employees Federation has even warned of agitation if the demand is not met. On the same Saturday, Congress MLA Vikramaditya Singh (Congress MLA Vikramaditya Singh) sat on hunger strike with the employees and claimed to implement the Old Pension Yojana on coming to power.

OLD Pension Yojana

General Secretary of All India Defense Employees Federation ‘AIDEF’ Mr. Kumar ji says, Government of India has cheated the employees by abolishing the old pension. After retirement, government employees are being pushed to hardships and NPS is being run for 18 years.

Under this scheme, 3 to 5 thousand pension is given to the retired employee, while under the old pension scheme, the retired employee is given a pension of 50 percent of his basic salary.

OLD Pension Yojana

What is Old Pension Scheme?

Under the old pension scheme, the facility of General Provident Fund is provided to the retired government employee and under this the pension is fixed to the retired government employee, due to which 50% of the last salary is given from time to time every month. Retired employee is given in the form of pension. It is also under the old pension scheme that if the government employee is reduced, then his pension is given to his family, but whether this scheme was discontinued in the year 2004 and the National Pension System has been implemented in its place.

old pension scheme new update

Recently, new news has come related to the old pension scheme, is the news going to give relief to some government employees, because along with the central government, news has been received related to the pension of other employees like Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, in which it is to be told. It has been said that the benefit of this can be given to the center employee.

Difference between National pension system and Old pension scheme?

1. You can understand about this scheme well through the difference between National Pension System and Old Pension Yojana.

2. Under the old pension scheme, there was no deduction from the salary, but under the National Pension System, 10% is deducted from the salary of such a government employee.

3. Under the old pension scheme, 50 percent of the last salary was given as pension, while there is no guarantee of pension under the National Pension System.

4. Under the old pension scheme, the government gives pension, whereas under the National pension system, the pension of a government employee is based on the share market.

5. In the old pension scheme, you were given the facility of GPF, while the facility of GPF is not provided through the National Pension System.

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