How to Check E-Shram Card Monthly installment – E-Shram Card ka Paisa Kaise Check Kare

How to check E-Shram card money. How to check the first installment of labor card 1000. E-Shram Card ka Paisa Kaise Check Kare . E-shram card ka paisa kab tak aayega, shramik card ka paisa kab milega. How to check the first installment of Shramik Card ₹ 1000 – The Labor Department and the State Government have transferred the money of the first installment of the Shramik Card to the accounts of all the workers, but still, this money has not been transferred to the accounts of some workers. It is an E-Shram Card ka Paisa Kaise Check Kare and when will the E-Shram Card money come.

how to check E-Shram card money

According to the mandate issued by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Ji to crores of workers, the registered workers are to be given a benefit of ₹ 2000 for 4 months at the rate of ₹ 500. This money is to be given under the Shramik Maintenance Allowance Scheme, the first installment of ₹ 1000 has been transferred to the bank accounts of all the workers.

But still, many workers have not received this installment of ₹ 1000, the reason behind this is that some workers have been registered later, due to which their account verification has not been completed yet as soon as the account verification process of these workers is completed. It happens that the installment of ₹ 1000 will also be transferred to these workers.

When will I get the money for E-Shram Card?

The first installment of ₹ 1000 of the E-Shram card has been given. According to the information, this first installment was for the months of December and January. The second installment of the E-Shram card, which will be for the months of February and March, will be given by the beginning or end of March. The second installment of the labor card will also be given for ₹ 1000, this kiss will be given to those workers who will get its first installment.

E-Shram card balance check number

Let’s know E-Shram Card ka Paisa Kaise Check Kare from mobile – By the way, no link of any kind has been given on its official website to check labor card money from where it can be found that the first installment of labor card received or not. A bank is the easiest way to check E-Shram Card money as this money is directly sent to your bank accounts and as soon as any kind of money is deposited in your bank account a message is sent on your registered mobile. As you can see here in the photo below.

If your mobile number is linked to your bank account, then you can check E-Shram Card ka Paisa by calling your bank’s toll-free number, here the toll-free numbers of some banks are being given.

1. Bank of India – 09015135135

2. State Bank Of India – 09223766666

3. Bank Of Baroda – 8468001111

Another way to check labor card money

There is another way to check labor card money, for which you have to go to the website named “UMANG” and search in the search box “PFMS” link will open in front of you where your bank account number and Select the name of the bank and click on the search button.

The information about all the money sent by the government will come open in front of you and here you can know whether you have been given labor card money or not.

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