About us

Hello friends my name is Gopal Pramanik, I was born on 20/09/1996 in a small village in East Burdwan district in West Bengal India. We are two brothers and one sister. I am the youngest of the family. My father died in 2018. So I could not study much, but I have a good knowledge of English. Big Brother’s family is different and their sister is married. At home I and mother, Our small family mother-son. After my father died, I was responsible for the family, so I worked as a laborer in a small private company. Computer internet is my favorite, I stay at home with my computer. One day I did a search on Google for online income, I found many websites in the search, I liked the blog because I like to read and write articles. That’s why I started walking this path, all you need is a little love. I would love to have your love. If you like my article, follow us and share. I will come up with new articles for you.